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Wednesday, 13 July 2022

The High Committee on Infectious Diseases Supreme has stressed that the use of masks in enclosed areas and on public transport is mandatory. It also emphasised the need to pay attention to social distancing and hygiene rules in all areas, Yeniduzen reported.

The latest rules of entry into the TRNC are that people will be able to enter the country without the obligation to test for Covid-19, regardless of whether they are vaccinated or unvaccinated.

 Crossing the Border

There is still no obligation to test for Covid-19.

Rules Regarding the Wearing of Masks

 It is mandatory to wear masks in enclosed areas and on public transportation. Social distance and hygiene rules should be observed in open and enclosed areas. People with upper respiratory tract complaints will use masks in all areas (open, closed). Indoor areas need to be ventilated frequently (classes, restaurants, gyms, etc.). 

Testing For Covid-19 General Rules 

With the recommendation of the laboratory committee, the Covid-19 tests (PCR/ antigen tests) used in the TRNC must have a CE-IVD certificate. Persons visiting care homes for the elderly and prisons must submit negative antigen tests for the last 48 hours or negative PCR tests for the last 72 hours. People showing symptoms will not be able to visit the above-mentioned places even if their tests are negative. People showing symptoms will wear a mask and have an antigen test done. If the antigen test is positive, a PCR test will be performed. Despite the negative antigen tests, people with severe symptoms will be able to have a PCR test at the doctor’s request.

 Contact With Covid-19 Infected Person

People who come into contact with a covid 19 positive person will continue their daily lives with a mask by following the symptoms. If these people do not have symptoms, they will have antigen tests done on the 5th day.

However, if people in contact show symptoms before the specified time, they will have earlier antigen tests. If the antigen tests are positive, they will have a PCR test done.

 Self Isolation For Covid-19 Positive People

Self isolation begins after the message that the person’s Covid-19 PCR test result is positive (Day 0). In case of a second test by going to another test centre, the result of the second test will not be taken into account. The isolation period is 7 days. At the end of the 7th day, people will be able to continue their daily lives without the need for testing. Positive people can get help by calling 0533 842 8358 or 1102 if there is an increase in shortness of breath, chest pain and symptoms (fever, cough, weakness, headache, etc.) at home.  

In order to apply home quarantine to people who are positive for Covid-19, it is obligatory to have a separate room belonging to the person in the house (dwelling, dormitory, lodging, etc.) so that there is no contact with other individuals. If the same bathroom and toilet are used in the house, these places are disinfected after each use. Disinfection is done with 1% diluted bleach. (1 small tea glass of bleach is put into 10 litres of water.)

A Covid-19 positive person who is placed in home quarantine cannot leave the house during the quarantine (only in case of emergency with the knowledge of the quarantine centre) and cannot accept visitors to the house where he/she is quarantined.

Official documents will not be issued by the Ministry of Health to Covid-19 positive persons who do not have any records in the Pandemic Information System.


Vaccinated people can receive their booster doses within 4-6 months.

People who have had Covid-19, have never been vaccinated or have not completed the vaccination process, can have their vaccinations one month after recovery.

Vaccinated people who have had Covid-19 can have their booster dose 4-6 months after recovery.


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