Mass resignations at Municipal Workers Union

The union at the heart of strikes by the Nicosia council workers took drastic action today. The head of the union, Savas Bozat, and his board of directors handed in their resignations over claims that the unions objectives couldn’t be met. He said that his union always had three main objectives, to get salaries paid on time and to ensure that employer’s social security and pension contributions were paid up.

Mr Bozat said that none of the union objectives had been met as the issue of 2 months unpaid back pay as well as many months of  missing employer contributions was still unresolved. He also cited issues around pensions for workers as being outstanding.

Reports said that this morning some union members marched to Nicosia town hall and demanded to see the new major Kadri Fellahoglu. Mr Fellahoglu explained that the current salary would be paid at the end of this month but that he could not guarantee anything else. The union members agreed to this and returned to work.

Given the workers acceptance of this state of affairs, Mr Bozat said that the union management did not have a useful role to play and so resigned en-masse.

There will be an extraordinary general assembly July 13th.

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