Massive decline in exports to Turkey

Imports of goods into the TRNC are 15 times higher in value compared to the cost of goods exported, according to 2016/17 figures.

Exports in 2016 were valued at 105,487,908 dollars, while imports in the same period were valued at 1,554,922,849 dollars.

In 2016 and the first quarter of 2017, there was a decline in both exports and imports to from Turkey. In 2015, the volume of exports to Turkey was 967,563 dollars, while this figure declined to 939 million 42 thousand dollars.

The following table shows the January-February 2016/17 import-export figures:

Imports 2016 January – February 195,199$

Imports 2017 January-February 229,380$

Exports 2016 January – February 43,819$

Exports 2017 January-February 43,127$

The following table shows the export-exports accordingly to countries:

Imports 2016 January – February Turkey: 118,850$ Third countries:76,349$

Imports 2017 January-February Turkey: 146,170$ Third countries: 76,349$

Exports 2016 January – February Turkey: 29,015$ Third countries: 14,804$

Exports 2017 January-February Turkey: 26,982$ Third countries: 16,144$


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