Massive power-out hits Turkey

A massive power outage struck many regions of Turkey today. Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu has said officials are examining all possible causes, including a terror attack, as power cuts continue in several provinces including Istanbul and Ankara.

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality announced in a statement that metro and tram services had been halted due to the blackout.

Officials told Turkish daily ‘Hürriyet’ that a technical problem in the Turkish Electricity Conduction Company (TEİAŞ) system which operates energy transmission lines, led to the massive outage.

At least 44 provinces throughout Turkey are affected by the outage.

Energy Minister Taner Yıldız has said teams are working to determine the cause of the blackout, ruling out claims that the country is suffering an energy shortage.

“I also cannot say whether or not there was a cyber attack,” Yıldız said.

Prime Minister Davutoğlu has said “all possibilities,” including a terror attack, are being investigated.

The Energy Ministry has also released a statement, saying a problem has occurred with the main distribution lines and the cut is likely to have originated in the Aegean region.

The blackout is the biggest power outage in Turkey in 15 years, the ministry added.


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