MasterChef style contest in Nicosia

The local equivalent of ‘MasterChef’  has been staged in the Bandabuliya old covered market in Nicosia.

A temporary space has been reserved for the competition in the middle of the market for four weeks. During the past three weeks the cooking competition was held between amateurs but this weekend it was the turn of the professionals. The event attracted lots of interest from locals and tourists alike and the jury of three were impressed with the high standards on display.

This project was funded by USAID and aims to liven up the old market area.

USAID’s assistance to Cyprus began as a humanitarian relief operation in the summer of 1974 and has since evolved into a multi-sector development program aimed at increasing the quality and quantity of interaction between the estranged and geographically-separated Greek Cypriot and Turkish Cypriot communities. 

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