Mayor seeks 7 million euros for Kyrenia sewage plant

Mayor of Kyrenia Nidai Gundorgu has said that he will ask Turkey and the EU to provide seven million euros to increase the capacity of the sewage plant.

Gundorgu told Turkish Cypriot daily Diyalog that the number of inhabitants of the town has increased to 60,000 and the sewage plant which has a capacity of 15 thousand tons is inadequate for those numbers.

The mayor added that there needed to be an increase in capacity to 80 thousand tons to cope with current demand.

Diyalog asked the mayor how he had estimated the number of  residents there were in Kyrenia. He replied that according to public records there are around 33,200 people. However, he noted that there are only 20,000 water meters in the town, and if you calculate that there is an average of three people per dwelling, this means that there are 60,000 residents.

He added that there are also between 16 and 17,000 registered students at Girne American University (GAU), and 6,000 soldiers and their families stationed in Kyrenia. In addition, an average of 30,000 tourists stay at the hotels, every month.


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