Mayors seek third check point at Paphos Gate

The Mayor of North Nicosia Mehmet Harmancı and the Mayor of South Nicosia Constantinos Yiorkadjis have agreed on opening the Paphos gate to have a third check point in Nicosia.

Harmancı has said that both mayors have agreed to begin lobbying on the issue after the presidential elections in North Cyprus.

He said that he and the Greek Cypriot Mayor have made a list, prioritising the most significant projects that the two municipalities will work on together. Regarding which, the opening of Paphos gate as a new check-point is at the top of the list.

Asked if the mayors are working in coordination with the religious leaders who also announced that they were taking the initiative for a new check-point, Harmancı said “The religious leaders also included the issue on their agenda but our initiative is not connected to theirs”.

There have been recent reports that the religious minorities have sent a letter to authorities requesting the opening of Paphos gate so that Armenian, Latin and Maronite minorities could have easier access to their churches if it was opened.

Kibris Gazetesi

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