Medical Strikes Continue

The Nurses and Midwives Association are continuing their series of one day strikes. These are in protest to the government for not filling vacancies at hospitals.

The latest strike will be at the Famagusta Varosha District Outpatient clinic. It will be held on February 21st between 8am and 10am. This will be the fifth such strike.

The head of the association, Oguz Kose was at a press conference to announce the strike.

He said that it was plain that the government was not listening to their message. There were still 200 vacancies for nurses and midwives in the health system which restricted services in most hospitals. The government was relying on the excuse that economic conditions were tough but had still managed to fill 417 jobs recently to bolster support for the ruling UBP party.

Mr Kose pointed out that 350 students had completed their medical studies and were waiting to enter the health system.

He alleged that all the government wanted to do was get past the elections on February 24th for the leadership of the UBP; then they could carry on in power, as before.

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