Members of Turkish military arrested in TRNC

Ten officers in the Turkish army, stationed in North Cyprus, have been arrested and taken to Turkey. Sweep operations have begun after the failed coup attempt in Turkey. Colonels, lieutenant-colonels, majors, captains and non-commissioned officers were among the persons taken into custody.

According to Turkish Cypriot daily Afrika, three of the officers were arrested in Kyrenia and two in Alayköy village located outside Nicosia. No further information could be obtained on this event, notes that paper, adding that it has been said that operations in the TRNC will be intensified and will be continued in other institutions.

Meanwhile, Turkish Cypriot daily Kibris Postasi newspaper reports that information obtained by Turkey after the coup attempt has put the TRNC police force under the spotlight. According to information obtained by Kibris Postasi, Gülen’s organisation nested within the police and Turkish officials say that a retired sergeant has been the “imam” of Gülen’s organisation within the TRNC police force.

According to the same source, Gülen’s organisation also nests within the police’s anti-riot forces and has a significant position within the police officers who work at Ercan airport.

Many Gülen supporters escaped to the TRNC before the implementation of measures at Turkey’s airports, writes the paper, adding that these are the people who the Turkish Foreign Minister referred to when saying that some Gülen supporters escaped to the TRNC, promising that “we will bring them back“.

Afrika, Kibris Postasi

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