Mersin 10 Turkey is TRNC’s only exit route: Ozgurgun

The only way for the TRNC to communicate with the world was by using the address Mersin 10 Turkey because of the embargoes imposed on the country, Prime Minister Huseyin Ozgurgun has said. This was the TRNC’s only exit, he said.

Addressing a delegation from the Mersin Journalists’ Society, the Prime Minister emphasised that Mersin is very important for the TRNC with special regard to trade and social ties. Ozgurgun referred to the important bonds between the people of the TRNC and the people of Mersin.

Chairman of the Mersin Journalist’s Society Ahmet Unal said that they had been invited by the American University of Kyrenia (GAU) to visit the TRNC and added that the TRNC is very important for Mersin.

Unal asked also to be briefed about the ongoing Cyprus negotiations and the water transferred from Turkey to North Cyprus.

The delegation visited also the Speaker of the Assembly, Sibel Siber.


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