Mersinlik Fire Now on Its Fourth Day

North Cyprus News - Firefighting Helicopter

Friday, 24 June 2022 

There have been coordinated efforts between south Cyprus, the British bases, Israel and Turkey who have deployed firefighting aircraft to quell the fire in Mersinlik which has been blazing for four days, Yeniduzen reported.

The fire has been spreading at intervals when fanned by strong winds.

Minister of Agriculture Dursun Oğuz announced that the fire was prevented from passing to the east of Mersinlik Ardahan road last night.

The District Governor of Iskele Ertuğrul Toroslu, said that the fire is currently on the way down to the beach between Mersinlik and Tatlısu.

Meanwhile, the Mayor of Tatlisu Hayri Orçan said that the fire was beginning to spread towards the northwest and had progressed from the mountainous area towards the vicinity of Tatlısu Zambak Village.

North Cyprus News - Fire in Kantara region

In the mountain region above Mersinlik village, firefighters are dealing with sporadic small fires on the ground, while helicopters drop water from above.

Firefighting crews laboured hard last night to prevent the fire spreading to Kantara. The last line of defence was on the Mersinlik-Kantara road.

Iskele District Governor Ertuğrul Toroslu said that between 600-700 acres of land were burnt last night, although information is incomplete at the moment.

 He was unsure whether or not the fire would be brought under control today, it all depended on the strength and direction of the wind, he said.

The Minister of Agriculture and Natural Resources Dursun Oğuz, spent the night in the fire zone.

North Cyprus News - Water Cooling to prevent fire spread
[Spraying water to prevent fire spreading]
Speaking to  BRT at the Crisis Centre established in the region, Minister Oğuz said that the intense work last night had prevented the fire spreading to the east of the Mersinlik-Ardahan road.

Minister Oğuz noted that they will focus on cooling efforts during the day and that they aim to completely cool the region using firefighting aircraft.


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