Mersinlik-Tatlısu Fire Extinguished

Fire in Tatlisu-Mersin

The fire, which broke out yesterday in the forest area between Mersinlik and Tatlısu and was brought under control by the evening, has been completely extinguished. However, fire crews and work vehicles, including graders*, continue to operate in the fire zone. Currently, there are no new outbreaks or flare-ups, Yeniduzen reports.

According to information provided by the Police Press Officer’s Office, the fire broke out around 15:30 yesterday in the northern part of the Geçitkale-Tatlısu highway, near the Mersinlik Picnic area. It was caused by tree branches coming into contact with high voltage lines, resulting in sparks that ignited dry grass and spread across approximately 10 hectares (around 24 acres) of forest. The affected area included red pine, cypress, carob, olive trees, maquis vegetation, and dry grasses.

In a major fire that occurred in Mersinlik in 2022, an area of 5,500 decares (approximately 1,359 acres) was reduced to ashes. Despite all efforts to control it, that fire was only extinguished by rainfall.

*In the context of firefighting, a grader is a type of heavy equipment used to create firebreaks and manage terrain. A firebreak is a gap in vegetation or other combustible material that acts as a barrier to slow or stop the progress of a wildfire. Graders can clear vegetation and create wide paths of bare earth, making it more difficult for the fire to spread. They can also be used to improve access for firefighting vehicles and personnel [Ed.]


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