Migrants rescued off the Akamas Peninsula

The Greek Cypriot marine police launched a rescue operation for 27 people who were adrift in a fishing trawler off the Akamas peninsula on Cyprus’ west coast.

The defence ministry said that at around 7.15 pm, the Joint Rescue Coordination Centre in Larnaca received an urgent message regarding the boat.

The trawler, which appeared to be in distress, about 14 miles off the peninsula, had sent a distress signal.

When it was observed that the boat was drifting, two vessels were deployed to meet up with the trawler.

The rescued people which included six women and three children were brought onshore at the fishing reserve in Latsi, where they were met by medical and Civil Defence personnel who were there to aid the passengers.

The people were brought onto land at about 11pm. Unconfirmed reports say that they were Syrian.

Cyprus Mail

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