Mild tremor felt in Famagusta

College students were evacuated from their school building for a short period whilst an earth tremor was in progress.

Apprehensive students from Famagusta Maarif College waited outside the building as the tremor shook the windows for a short while.

Kandilli Observatory recorded the tremor this morning measuring 2.1 on the Richter Scale.

The Turkish Republic’s Earthquake Disaster and Emergency Management Department according to the information received, at 19.30 yesterday, recorded an earthquake of 4.2 magnitude in the Mediterranean, recorded in the Gulf of Gokova at a depth of 7 kilometres.

The last major earthquake in Cyprus occurred on 9th October 1996 measuring 6.8

Cyprus lies in the second most earthquake stricken zone on earth. Fortunately, the island is located in a less active sector of this zone, and it experiences earthquakes less frequently and of a lower magnitude than that of Greece and Turkey. However, that does not mean that earthquakes are an isolated event. Throughout the  year, many recorded events (tremors) that might go unnoticed by the population, are still recorded by the sensors on the island.

Many more seismic incidents are recorded in the south of the island because of a fault line running 100 km off and lying parallel to the south Cyprus shore, known as the Cyprus Arc.

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