Minimum wage increased

The minimum gross wage in the TRNC has been set at 2,020 Turkish Lira.

At a meeting yesterday, the Minimum Wage Commission unanimously agreed on the increase from 1,757TL.

Accordingly, workers who receive the minimum wage will be paid 11.65TL per hour, 93.27TL daily, 466.15TL weekly, and 2020TL monthly.

The new rate came into force as of 1st February.

Speaking on the issue, the Minister of Labour and Social Security Ersan Saner said that he was pleased that he had succeeded in reaching a consensus on the new wage with all the parties represented on the commission.

Pointing out that the issue was always the subject of debate in the country; Saner said that the reason for this was the different interpretations of what the minimum wage was.

I repeat again … the minimum wage is the salary that should be paid to an unskilled labourer. It should not be perceived as the salary that should be paid to everyone, no matter what kind of occupation they are in,” he said.

Saner also said that it was the first time the cost of living had been announced recently by the State Planning Organisation.


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