Minister accused of nepotism for founding Aydin University

Procedural work for the opening of Aydin University (Istanbul) in Yeni Iskele continues, the issue came onto the Department of Education’s agenda recently after the International Aydin university leased a 3000 square metre plot of land in Yeni Iskele.

According to information acquired by Turkish Cypriot daily ‘Yeni Duzen’, Aydin University has bought some parcels of land in Kyrenia, adding that in order for the university to acquire the necessary license, it is preparing to indicate where its main campus will be located.

The paper adds further that the education ministry’s appraisal committee will meet today, to discuss the issue. Additionally, the governor of Kyrenia has confirmed that the International Aydin University has bought plots of land in Kyrenia.

The paper notes that Turkey’s former EU Minister, Egemen Bagis is among the administrators of Aydin University. Bagis, who recently held a series of contacts in the TRNC, is also the director of the Western Studies Centre at Istanbul Aydin university. The paper further claims that the company, whose is not named by the newspaper, in which Bagis is one of the partners, is applying pressure for the license to be granted, in order to establish the university.

Yeni Duzen points out that academician Ata Atun, father of energy minister Sunat Atun, is among the partners in the company that wants to open the university. Sunat Atun was criticised because he was granted permission by the government to establish the new university.

Yeni Duzen

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