Minister Promises Crackdown on Health and Safety

The newly appointed Minister of Labour and Social Security Zeki Çeler will be toughening up on regulations concerning the construction industry, he said.

The minister held his first meeting since taking office with experts in health and safety in the workplace.

North Cyprus News - Building Site (2)Çeler was visited by a delegation from the Association of Work Place Safety and Health Experts who have described fatal accidents at work sites as “murders“.

The minister said that from now on, the ministry would be fully implementing all laws and regulations in line with procedures. Society had had enough pain and suffering in this regard, he said.

Çeler also noted that he would be turning down all applications by companies seeking permits to work at construction sites on Sundays.

In response, the head of the Work Place Safety and Health Experts Tezel Baykent, said that they were happy to see someone like Minister Çeler who, having been appointed to the post, had shown sensitivity towards social issues.


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