Minister refutes claims that TRNC aviation poses flight risks

Minister of Public Works and Transport Kemal Dürüst has responded to the allegations made by the Greek Cypriot administration regarding Ercan Airport.

Recently, the Greek Cypriot administration, launched a campaign in the press, alleging that flights to and from Ercan Airport jeopardize flight safety.

Accusations that Ercan Airport constitutes a flight safety risk and the statements about the possibility of an accident are totally unrealistic Minister Dürüst said.

“Ercan Airport continues to operate safely today, as it did yesterday, and operates under International Civil Aviation Rules.

“The Greek administration claims that Nicosia FIR has to make interventions because of flight safety are totally unfounded and have a political agenda.

“Their representations are published for political purposes, and Ercan Air Traffic Controllers fulfil their obligations under international standards with trained personnel and the latest technological equipment.

The attempts of the Greek Cypriot administration to bring Ercan Airport into disrepute are deliberate. The whole of Ercan State Airport has developed from day to day and services are to international standards. This attitude of the Greek Cypriot administration stems from the fact that they assert that they are the only ones who have legitimate control of the Nicosia FIR (Flight Information Area).

Within the scope of SMART Programme, Ercan State Airport is among the airports such as Ankara, Istanbul, Izmir, Dalaman and Antalya airports that are equipped with the latest technology .

The assertion that Ercan State Airport poses the danger of a mid air collision over Cyprus air space and does not abide by the International Civil Aviation Organisation rules (ICAO), does reflect reality. All flights are safe. With the technological equipment that is available, the risk of accidents is at the lowest level,” Dürüst said.

Kibris Postasi

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