Minister suggests ‘Taiwan’ solution if negotiations fail

Minister of Economy and Energy Sunat Atun flew to Izmir in order to take part in the Izmir International Fair. As part of his visit, Atun visited the president of the Aegean region Chamber of Industry Ender Yorgancioglu.

During the visit, Atun evaluated the latest developments in Cyprus and predicted that “if the Turkish army leaves the island the Turkish Cypriot people may be forced to experience pre-1974 events”.

Atun also said that the Greek Cypriot side’s property demands are putting the Turkish Cypriot side in a difficult position. “We support a bicommunal federal structure on the island but we will never accept being a minority on the island”, Atun said.

Stating that “if a solution is not reached by 2016, the TRNC should be recognised by the international community based on a Taiwan or Hong Kong model”, Atun added that the Turkish Cypriots will never give up on their political rights on the island and argued that they wanted to develop trade relations with the Greek Cypriot side.

Atun further suggested that “if an agreement is reached and the city of Maras [Varosha] is given to South Cyprus, then the sea and airports in the North could be opened for international flights and trade”. He also argued that if the Greek Cypriot side restructures the fenced-off city of Maras [Varosha] then this would contribute to the TRNC’s economy.


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