Ministry Failing to Act Against Environmental Pest

Protestor dumps pine processionary outside ministry door

The Environment Platform, which initiated an action due to the failure of the Ministry of Agriculture in combating the pine processionary moth, this morning, Yeniduzen reports.

The pine processionary moth causes serious defoliation to pine trees and contact with the caterpillar’s hair causes strong allergic reactions in both humans and animals.

Today, the Environment Platform protested in front of the Ministry of Agriculture and Natural Resources following yesterday’s protest in Lefke. 

The Environment Platform demanded that the ministry act to preserve the pine forests. In a statement, it was emphasised that the processionary moths should be combated by spraying biological detergents into the air.

Some political parties and civil society organisations also supported the action. 

Speaking on behalf of the Environment Platform during the protest, Feriha Tel said that, “The Minister is not fulfilling any responsibility towards the forests“.

She said that forests are at serious risk. Tel urged the minister, who comes from civil society, to listen to the voices of experts in the fight against the pine processionary moth.

Tel criticised the Ministry of Agriculture and Natural Resources, stating that the minister had not fulfilled his responsibilities in regard to preserving the forests. She emphasised that they would continue the fight for the preservation of forest assets. 

Dr. Cemal Mert, from the Public Health, and Human Rights of the Cyprus Turkish Medical Association, affirmed their support for the Environment Platform’s struggle. Mert highlighted the importance of the fight against the pine processionary moth for human and forest health and assured that doctors would continue this struggle for the environment and other living beings.

Forest engineers, supporting the Platform, emphasised the increase of the pine processionary moth due to the inability to conduct aerial combat, its intrusion into homes, and the damage it causes. They pointed out the necessity of allocating funds to protect forests and the environment; otherwise, the diminishing forests will disappear.

Hasan Sarpten, a member of the Board of Directors of the Association of Biologists, who read the press release on behalf of the Environment Platform, emphasised the need to protect forests for the future of the country. Sarpten criticised the Ministry of Agriculture, stating that the Minister had avoided meeting with them, ignored expert opinions, and had not combated the pine processionary moth, citing various reasons.

The protestors tipped a box of processionary outside the doors of the ministry.


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