Ministry grants permits for five new hotels with casinos in Kyrenia

Despite the current debate about city planning in Kyrenia, new permits have been granted for the construction of five new hotels with casinos in Kyrenia.

There have been calls to create a master plan for the Kyrenia area and to not just tinker with existing planning laws.

Minister of Tourism and Environment, Fikri Ataoğlu told Yeni Duzen that he does not know the exact number of applications made to his ministry for acquiring permits, but permits for the construction of five new hotels have been granted. He said that the construction of casinos and incentives are also included in these permits.

Meanwhile, Orhan Tolun, chairman of the Turkish Cypriot travel agents’ union, told the newspaper that because of the increased popularity in hotels with a casino, the construction of such hotels has been accelerated. He noted that he is not against hotels which are built according to the planning laws and with respect for the environment and added: “The hotels will not be very high; their infrastructure will be completed. When all these are completed, we do not oppose the hotels”.

He argued that a master plan for Kyrenia should be implemented as a matter of urgency, as this is the only way to save the area from the building of “illegal constructions”.

Yeni Duzen

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