Mismanagement Hiked Electricity Bills: El-Sen

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The Turkish Cypriot Electricity Workers’ Union (El-Sen) has voiced its opposition to the government and KIB-TEK management’s proposal to introduce two additional mobile power plants to KIB-TEK, citing concerns about the potential impact on public electricity bills, Yeniduzen reports.

Speaking on behalf of the El-Sen Board of Directors, President Ahmet Tuğcu stated, “In addition to the mobile power plants leased to KIB-TEK for a five-year period by the Turkish Electricity Generation Corporation EÜAŞ, it has been proposed that two more mobile power plants be brought to our country by the UBP-DP-YDP Government and the KIB-TEK Board of Directors“.

 Tuğcu emphasised that the cost of electricity production by such power plants is two and a half times higher than that of KIB-TEK’s other fuel-oil-powered diesel power plants. He noted that the union is aware of the government’s and KIB-TEK management’s intentions and is closely monitoring the situation, which they believe will increase the burden on consumers’ electricity bills. He added, “The cumulative cost of just three decisions made by the government and KIB-TEK administrators in the last 18 months amounts to an additional $62 million“. Accusing the government and KIB-TEK administrators of mismanaging KIB-TEK, Tuğcu stated, “The collective impact of their recent decisions is staggering. They have activated mobile diesel power plants, incurring an extra $10 million. By granting a 15-year purchase guarantee to AKSA through special legislation, they have imposed an additional $31 million burden on consumers. Furthermore, their unscrupulous fuel procurement practices have cost the public over $20 million“. 

Tuğcu went on to say that, “Instead of fulfilling promised investments, they have opted to activate emergency mobile units, resulting in an additional $10 million expenditure. Moreover, they have passed legislation favouring AKSA and signed a 15-year contract, contributing to a $31 million annual increase in electricity production costs“.

 He further recalled that “KIB-TEK officials themselves admitted in court that direct fuel procurement costs exceeded $20 million.

“Currently, three of KIB-TEK’s diesel power plants are inactive due to various malfunctions, with one awaiting repair for four years“. 

The union leader also criticised the KIB-TEK Board of Directors for failing to address the issues of spare parts procurement and repairs, warning that their proposed actions will only compound the financial burden on consumers.


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