Mistakes And Empty Slogans Hinder Cyprob Solution

North Cyprus News - Nicosia Border
[Divided Nicosia]
Thursday, 26 October 2023

We have raised generations with mistakes and empty slogans. We have instilled in people that our differences are more significant than our commonalities”, Archaeologist and Art Historian Anna Marangu told Yeniduzen.

In an interview with the newspaper, she made assessments about the Cyprus issue, current issues, and the education system in south  Cyprus. 

Marangu pointed out that the Cyprus issue is currently going through one of its most challenging periods. She recalled that in 2017, the solution to the Cyprus problem had been almost reached. She also stated that the situation at present is quite clear, emphasising that the Turkish Cypriot leader continues to maintain a stubborn attitude, knowing full well that a two-state solution is unworkable and will never be accepted by the EU.

Anna Marangu - Art Historian
[Anna Marangu – Art Historian]
Marangu said she believed that President Ersin Tatar will persistently and determinedly continue to play this game. She also mentioned that the “two-state solution” policy is directed by Ankara, aiming to gain as many benefits as possible from a future solution.

Today, the existing education system here [in the south] is extremely sick and bears the most significant responsibility for the ignorance and indifference we see every day”, Marangu said.

 She pointed out that a significant proportion of Cypriot Greek youth believe that their “homeland” started with Greeks who ended up as mulattos.

Marangu emphasised that a significant part of the responsibility for the long-standing deadlock in the Cyprus problem lies with the Greek Cypriot side. “The Cyprus Greek side did not settle for various solution proposals offered over the past half-century”.

She described the last set of Cyprus talks held in Crans-Montana in 2017 talks as a “fiasco” and that, “In addition to Turkey’s intransigence and the attitude of the Cyprus Greek side, the loss of trust in the negotiations, especially after the 2017 fiasco, gained prominence“. 

Marangu also pointed out where the Greeks Cypriot attitude towards the need for a solution stems from, holding both governments responsible for the situation. “Governments have never taken the time to explain to citizens what federation means“, she said.

Similarly, no time has been spent on how the solution will be implemented and what the significant benefits will be after the solution. If we manage to solve the Cyprus problem at some point, without appropriate and necessary preparatory work, a referendum will take us back to ground zero“, Marangu said. 

Despite her overall pessimism, Marangu emphasised the importance of not forgetting that the entire island is part of the European Union (EU). Regarding the efforts for reunification of Cyprus in the north and south of the island, Marangu referred to those people who support a solution, stating that, “The expressions of Turkish Cypriots are definitely much more courageous, honest, and dynamic than those of Greek Cypriots“.


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