Mobile concrete plant in Alsancak illegal: EPA

A mobile concrete plant near the construction site of a hotel to be built in Alsancak has drawn criticism from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

The local council gave approval for the mobile unit for a period of one year in order to ease traffic congestion on the roads.

Alsancak Municipality Police Chief Enver Özbirim said that construction of a large hotel for tourism in the region will begin, noting that a certain amount of concrete would be used, and that the construction company had applied to the municipality for the temporary concrete plant to prevent the passage of between 50-70 concrete mixers going to and from the building site.

Ozbirim stated that between 10 am and 12 am, only 10 trucks carrying gravel and 10 trucks bringing sand will be brought to the concrete plant. This would have less impact on road traffic, he said. He assured that once the hotel is completed, the plant will be moved.

Director of the Environmental Protection Agency Abdullah Aktolgali said that for the construction of a large hotel in Alsancak, the EIA (Environmental Impact Assessment) a report had been written regarding the planned construction of the planned mobile concrete plant.

Aktolgali emphasised that this was an industrial activity and could not be permitted in this area.

Aktolgali said that the relevant report had been sent to Alsancak Municipality showing that the plant had not been approved.

Reminding that all responsibility falls to Alsancak Municipality and the Girne District Governorship, Aktolgali stated that they should take the necessary action and needed to stop the construction of the concrete plant.

Despite this, assembly of the mobile plant has already begun.

Kibris Gazetesi

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