Mobile Phone Roaming Costs Across Cyprus

Making calls across the divide for Turkish Cypriot subscribers will cost between ₺4 and ₺4.12 per minute for calls, depending on whether you use KKTCELL or Telsim Vodafone.

Receiving calls and SMS messaging will be a little cheaper. While incoming calls will cost between ₺2.5 and ₺1.53, SMS messaging will cost ₺1.5 and ₺0.50 depending again on which service provider you use.

Users need to activate the roaming service before entering South Cyprus. GSM operators advise their customers to deactivate the service upon returning to the TRNC to avoid unnecessary charges.

Subscribers will need to send SMS messages to activate and deactivate the service.

To do this, subscribers can send an SMS saying AC to 7075. To deactivate the service send an SMS saying KAPAT to 7075

BRT, Yeni Duzen

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