Mobile phone roaming issue remains unresolved

A difference of opinion existing between the Turkish Cypriot and the Greek Cypriot side on the unification of telecommunications across Cyprus has halted progress so far on this issue, Kibris Gazetesi reports.

According to the paper, the Greek Cypriot side proposes that the roaming connection should be provided by a foreign company, while on the other hand, the Turkish Cypriot side insists on direct roaming.

Citing reliable sources, the paper writes that the Greek Cypriot side proposed that a specialised foreign company signs separate agreements with the two sides concerning the roaming connection. However, the Turkish Cypriot side, which does not approve of this proposal, insists on direct roaming.

A source from the Greek Cypriot side told the paper that there is an “issue of sovereignty” if the Turkish Cypriot proposal is accepted. The source stressed there is no need to turn this disagreement into a political issue, otherwise, as he said it, would not be a Confidence Building Measure (CBM).

Kibris Gazetesi

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