A modern love story

A woman has been expelled from the TRNC following eleven months custody whilst awaiting trial.

Arzu Diner who appeared at Kyrenia court was found guilty of conspiring to conceal a crime committed by her boyfriend, Omur Ersoylu.

Last September, Ersoylu stole £80,000 and TL 23,000 from Rusen Ertosu in Alsancak. Although Ms Diner learned of the crime shortly after it had taken place, she concealed her knowledge of the incident from the police investigating the burglary.

Ms Diner who arrived with all her family from Hatay twenty years ago, at the age of ten, is now residing in Mersin, Turkey, where she says that she will wait for her man Omur and that they plan to marry.

Omur Ersoylu is currently serving a three year prison sentence for the burglary.

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