Monastery in Camlibel in danger of collapse

Ayios Panteleimon Monastery in Camlibel (formerly Myrtou), founded in the early 17th century, is in great danger of collapsing. In some places parts of the monastery walls have fallen down completely.

In the 1950s, the church decided that their landholdings were unwieldy, and too costly to maintain, so they abandoned some properties and sold the attached lands. Panteleimon was such a property. It was left to the ravages of nature, and although Camlibel (Myrtou) was a Greek Cypriot village, the monastery was left derelict.

After 1974, the monastery found itself inside a military area, which sealed its fate for some time. However, renovation started in 2010 with a major clearance of undergrowth, although full renovation would have taken a number of years.

Currently the TRNC is involved with the restoration of Apostolos Andreas in Karpas.

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