Monday critical day for government

The UBP has called for a party meeting of its senior members on Monday. This is against a backdrop of preparations for a vote of ‘no confidence’ by the opposition parties as well as a splinter group within the UBP.

The leader of the splinter group is the UBP Member of Parliament for Famagusta, Ahmet Kasif.

He says that all the preparatory work has been done and that if completed in time, then his group will be ready to go to parliament on Monday.

The opposition parties, CTP,TDP,and DP will combine with the rebel UBP group and feel they have sufficient numbers to force an early election.

Leader of the main opposition CTP party, Yorgancioglu was asked today if he felt that there were sufficient numbers to topple the government. He replied that they would not be proposing the motion of ‘no confidence’ if they were not sure of success.

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