More El-SEN power cuts today

EL-SEN, the electricity workers union, were busy yesterday cutting off electricity supplies to the largest non-payers in the TRNC. Vowing to intensify their actions today, they say that they firmly believe that if these huge outstanding bills were paid, then KIB-TEK, the electricity supply company, could stand on its own and there would be no need for privatisation.

Yesterday, many hotels, private companies and ovens were cut off. While some of these companies panicked and stated that they were making initial payments, most did not and were immediately disconnected. Included in these was the famous Ortakoy Peoples’ Oven which was cut off yesterday with outstanding bills of TL 160 thousand. Street lights, parks, pools and water pumps across the TRNC have had their electricity cut off.

EL-SEN president Cesurer said that today they would be concentrating on large hotels and corporations. The KIB-TEK board have said that some of these cuts are being carried out by untrained personnel, which contravenes operating rules. The board also feels that this action should be stopped to allow Prime Minister Kucuk to resolve the issue.

Mr Cesurer revealed that the Nicosia Police Headquarters had broken the KIB-TEK locks to the meter room and installed their own. However he said that this organisation did not owe any money but that in the event of an electrical fault, EL-SEN would not be coming in to do repairs. Yesterday, the Police Authority backed down and handed over their new keys to EL-SEN employees.

All government departments that were initially cut off remain that way, though some are trying to struggle on with the use of generators. Below is a selection of new departments that were cut of yesterday, along with their unpaid bill amounts:

Nicosia: The Resettlement and Rehabilitation Department: TL 23,000

Iskele: Social Services Department: TL 4,000

Buyukkonuk: Town hall and water works : TL 37,000

Kyrenia: Ertugrul Apakan Sports Hall : TL 11,000

Famagusta: Courts: TL 11,000

Private businesses cut off include: Kyrenia:  Bektas: TL 73,000, Golden Bay Hotel: TL 65,000 Nicosia:  Ahmet Ozerman Ltd: TL 271,000, Avrasya Radio Ltd: TL 152,000 and Sercan Maypa: TL 40,000

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