More Evidence in University Fraud Case

Kemal Durust - arrested
[Kemal Dürüst Arrested]
Former minister of the National Unity Party (UBP) and Deputy Chairman of the Board of Trustees of Cyprus University of Social Sciences and Health Sciences (KSTÜ), Kemal Dürüst, has been detained by the court for a further six days, Yeniduzen reports.

The police presented new evidence against Kemal Dürüst, who has been detained for 11 days on charges of “forging documents, circulating forged documents, inciting the preparation of forged documents, and money laundering“.

According to initial findings, the Financial Police stated in court that Dürüst had falsely obtained a total of 926,286 TL by showing that he had sold goods and services to the university with 19 invoices belonging to six different companies.

The police also noted that, following the instructions of General Secretary at Cyprus Health and Social Sciences University Serdal Gündüz and Kemal Dürüst, who are minor partners of KSTÜ, a total of 140,000 TL in school fees paid by students were transferred to the accounts of two employees, instead of the university’s account.

Additionally, the police noted that Dürüst, without the approval of the KSTÜ Board of Trustees, leased two plots of land belonging to the HA-OS company, one for US$24,000 and the other for US$12,000.

The police also brought to the court’s attention the allegation that, upon the request of Kemal Dürüst’s wife and at the instruction of Serdal Gündüz, 34,000 TL from the school’s account was used to order invitations for a couple’s wedding.

It was also stated that, at the instruction of Kemal Dürüst, a payment of 50,000 TL was made from the university accounts for the rental of two cars that were not for the use of the university.

Furthermore, the police mentioned that a payment of 410,000 TL was made to an individual at the instruction of Kemal Dürüst, and there was no record of the university receiving any goods or services in return.

Cash Payments For Fake Invoices

The police told the court that there were statements and complaints indicating that 914,000 TL was withdrawn from the university by presenting fake invoices without actually receiving goods and services, and another 40,000 TL, US$45,000, and 700 euros were taken in cash from the university’s cash register in exchange for payment receipts, and these funds were partly received by Serdal Gündüz and Kemal Dürüst.

The police mentioned that a total of 51 statements were taken regarding the suspect, 11 statements were taken in the last five days, and there were 31 more statements to be taken.

Issuing Fake Diplomas

The police stated at the court that it was determined that Dürüst gave instructions for changing valid grades enabling a person to obtain a fake diploma and for erasing that person’s debt to the university. The police also indicated that there is another wanted person and there is a high probability that the suspect could influence the wanted person. Therefore, the police requested that Dürüst be detained for a further six days.

In light of the fact that fresh evidence has been discovered, the court granted the police’s request that Dürüst be detained for a further six days.


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