More Greek Cypriots claiming recompense from the IMC

The number of Greek Cypriot claimants applying to the Immovable Property Commission (IMC) has increased by nearly 30%.

Following the presidential elections, the Attorney-General, Petros Clerides intends to hold a meeting with stakeholders to address the rising numbers of Greek Cypriots applying to the IMC, the body organised by the TRNC.

So far, the IPC has paid out 120 million euros to claimants as compensation for loss of property in the north. 4,471 applications have been made to the commission. 309 were settled amicably and 9 through formal hearing. The number of applications is predicted to rise to 6,000 by the end of this year.

According to the IPC website, as of last Monday, 4,471 applications have been lodged with the Commission, of which 309 have been concluded through friendly settlements and nine through formal hearing.

In January, Mr Clerides told the mayor of Famagusta and leader of the municipalities’ union, Alexis Galanos, that the issue of Greek Cypriot properties in the north was probably the most pressing factor of the Cyprus problem.

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