More high rise buildings for Kyrenia despite planning laws

The Ministry of the Interior and Labour has announced that 152 applications to the town planning department, made from 2015 until 18th February, 2016, (when the new planning law came into effect) for developments in the Kyrenia ‘white zone’, will be approved.

‘Kibris Postasi’ reported on 10th February that an amendment to the planning order would mean that on main roads, the ten-storey building limit would be reduced to seven-storeys, and the seven storey limit in side streets would be limited to five-storeys.

The Interior ministry announced that the new regulations will not affect the ongoing high rise projects in the town. It also announced that 104 applications for permits out of a total of 152, are for new buildings. Permits have been issued for twelve 10-storey buildings, 3 for 9-storey buildings, 6 for 8-storey buildings, 28 for 7-storey-buildings and 18 for 6-storey buildings. The remainder of the buildings will be under 5-storeys.

The measures introduce immediate stop-gap changes to the Kyrenia ‘white zone’ planning order and anticipate the completion of a Kyrenia zoning law. These moves aim to preserve the town’s character.

Yeni Duzen, Kibris Postasi



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