More groups join protest at Ercan price hikes

19 organisations have joined together to produce a press statement condemning the recent price increases to all services related to Ercan Airport.

These organisations cover sectors that will be hit by reductions in tourist numbers. They include the Travel Agents Association, Car Rental Operators Association, Cyprus Airport Services, Tourist Guide Association, Restaurateurs Association and Hoteliers Association.

The statement says that since the airport has been privatised, all services have seen fee increases of 100% or more. This is considered excessive.

All parties involved with Ercan have been approached by these organisations over the past two months, but there has been no response to their appeals. They now feel that they have no option but to strike.

The statement goes on to say that there has already been erosion in tourist and student numbers coming to the TRNC. This is understandable because Ercan is now more expensive than any airport in Turkey.

Airlines have had to include these cost increases in their ticket prices.

In an attempt to reduce the effect of the embargoes imposed on the TRNC by South Cyprus, Turkey has exempted airlines using Ercan from any landing fees. However Ercan has pushed up its prices and this will lead to a reduction in flights provided by airlines. The organisations feel that this will inevitably lead to more passengers choosing to use Larnaca airport.

There follows an itemised list of all the recent price increases which make for interesting reading. Some of which are outlined below:

  • Taxis are now required to pay rent of 40,000 euros per year though there was no such charge before.
  • Annual licence fee has been raised from $8,400 to 84,000 euros ($110,000 equivalent).
  • Child fares applied only to those 2 years or younger whereas it used to be 12 years.
  • Parking fees up on average by 20%


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