More Power Cuts to Come EL-SEN Predicts


North Cyprus News - power cut

Thursday, 17 August 2023

The “nightmare” of power cuts began on Tuesday and North Cyprus residents are at the point of revolt, Yeniduzen writes.

The management of state electricity authority KIB-TEK made a statement on the subject saying that the power cuts were due to a malfunction and power supply had been supplemented by south Cyprus. The cuts had ended for the time being, the statement said.

However, the Electricity Authority Employees Union (EL-SEN) said that these statements were put out merely to appease the public.

According to a statement made by the union, it was claimed that with the increasing air temperatures, the alternating power cuts are predicted to continue until September. EL-SEN again accused KIB-TEK of failing to invest.

EL- SEN will continue to be open and transparent to provide accurate information to the society as always“, it was stated. “The questions should be directed not to us, the employees, but to the UBP-DP-YDP government, KIB-TEK Board of Directors and the KIB-TEK General Manager, and those responsible should be punished as soon as possible. The discretion belongs to you, the public“.

KIB-TEK Chairman Hüseyin Paşa, responding to the union’s comments told Yeniduzen said that management had intervened despite the lack of investment that caused the malfunctions “as much as it could“, and stated that a tender would be put out for the purchase of 40 MW generators in a few days.

Pasha said that he was not responsible for the lack of maintenance and investment for the 20 years, and said, “As a result of the agreements made with Turkey, the necessary maintenance will be done soon“, he said.


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