More Power Cuts Without New Power Plants

Minister of Economy and Energy Ozdil Nami, has said that the government is in favour of privatising the TRNC electricity authority.

Accusing the previous National Unity Party (UBP) government of lacking vision on the future of electricity supply to the country, Nami said that his ministry is moving forward examining formulas for the privatisation of the Turkish Cypriot electricity authority (KIB-TEK).

On the same issue, ‘Yeni Bakis’ writes that a major problem concerning electricity consumption is expected to arise next year in the TRNC, since, according to the paper, KIB-TEK has not yet launched tenders for four new electricity power plants.

Commenting on the issue, academician Hasan Ulas Altiok stated that taking into consideration that the tenders have not yet been opened for new electricity power plants, there is an imminent risk of a power outage.

North Cyprus News - power cutAdditionally, the chairman of the electricity workers trade union (El-Sen), Umut Oksuzoglu stated that with the interconnection with the south and the conditions of the AKSA power plant, they will barely be able to meet consumption demands for the current year. “Steps should be taken immediately for this. We will be left in the dark if no steps are taken the soonest possible”, he said.

Yeni Bakis

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