More Rubbish Bags Filled With Drugs Discovered

Arrested for Prescription Fraud

Friday, 29 September 2023 

Eleven more garbage bags filled with prescription medicines were discovered in Haspolat, Yeniduzen reports.

A police officer giving evidence in court this morning said that the bags were being examined.

Pharmacists and doctors who were arrested within the scope of the prescription fraud investigation were brought to court again after their detention period expired. Within the scope of the investigation, a civilian was arrested last night and another pharmacist was arrested in Famagusta this morning on charges of “concealing evidence“. The number of detainees has increased to 17.

Investigation Officer Cemali Çiftçi conveyed the findings regarding the incident to the court.

Çiftçi pointed out that the investigation started following a complaint by Social Security on September 13, and stated that the suspects were accused of “forgery of official documents“, “putting official documents into circulation” and “obtaining money by fraud”.

The police officer who testified in court noted that 11 more bags of medicine were found in a garbage dump in Haspolat yesterday and announced that they would be examined.

He noted that a five-person investigation team had been created to examine evidence linked to the fraud. 

Investigation Officer Çiftçi stated that NP had agreements with a total of 47 pharmacies and had written 30,667 prescriptions, MA had agreements with 85 pharmacies and had written 26,348 prescriptions, İ.T. had agreements with 19 doctors and had written 6,352 prescriptions. He said that prescriptions were prepared, pharmacist S.S had agreements with 7 doctors, 986 prescriptions were prepared and 956 of these prescriptions were written by NP, pharmacist GE had agreements with 141 pharmacies and 1,901 prescriptions were written by GE.

Officer Çiftçi said that within the scope of the investigation, a total of 43 more fake prescriptions written the suspects had been detected.

He requested that the suspects be detained for another five days as it was possible that the course of the investigation could be influenced if they were released.

The judge ordered detention for five days


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