More trust in president than in politicians poll shows

The Centre for Migration, Identity and Rights Studies (CMIRS) has announced the results of a survey it conducts every three months under the title “Happiness, Social Trust, Political Trust – April 2016”.

According to the results of the telephone survey which was conducted with the participation of 500 persons, after a long period of time, the people have begun to regard the Cyprus problem as the “most serious problem for the country“.

The director of CMIRS, Mine Yucel said that the economic situation is seen as the second most pressing problem, followed by unemployment, incompetent politicians, the health system, the education system, the increase in crime and the increasing use of drugs.

Yucel noted that the replies to the question “Which party will you vote for if elections took place next weekend?” show that the participants in the survey consider the Republican Turkish Party (CTP) responsible for the “lack of progress” on the issues in the community.

The replies to the above question were the following:


36.01%: Will not vote

14.1%: Undecided

6.51%: Mixed vote

15.84%: National Unity Party (UBP)

11.5%: People’s Party (HP)

7.38%: Republican Turkish Party (CTP)

4.77%: Social Democracy Party (TDP)

3.25%: Democratic Party (DP)

0.43%: New Cyprus Party (YKP)

0.22%: United Cyprus Party (BKP).


Yucel said also that contrary to the decrease of political trust, the trust in President Akinci had regularly increased one year after his election. The reason for this, she argued, is the fact that the participants consider Akinci to be more effective than his predecessors in the Cyprus negotiations.

Kibris Gazetesi

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