More unions criticise new economic package

More negative reaction to the recently signed 3 year economic plan formulated by Turkey.

Chairman of the Turkish Republican Party (CTP), Ozkan Yorgancioglu, says that the signing of the protocol of economic and fiscal cooperation between Turkey and North Cyprus was the “biggest sin” committed against the people.

In a statement issued yesterday, Yoragancioglu reiterated that the content of the package was hidden from the people. He argued that the National Unity Party government had no right to commit the people to such responsibility without first seeking their consent.

Moreover, Mehmet Cakici, Chairman of the Social Democracy Party (TDP), in a written statement issued yesterday, described the economic package as “illegal” because its content had been hidden from the political parties, the trade unions, the civilian organizations and the “people”. “It is one of the strongest blows dealt to the Turkish Cypriots” he said.
The United Cyprus Party (BKP) has described the protocol as an “imposition” and accused Prime Minister Kucuk of betraying the Turkish Cypriot community.

Finally, the “policy of secrecy” followed by the UBP government on the issue of the package was criticized yesterday by the Economic Organizations’ Platform, which issued a written statement expressing sorrow and disappointment, because, in spite of all their demands and insistence, the details of the package had not been shared with civilian organizations and the people of the TRNC before it was signed.

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