Mother Begs Authorities to Address Road Deaths

Gönül - mother of motorcyclist Cemre Yönet
[Gönül Sağır pleads for harsher penalities]
 The mother of 30-year-old Cemre Yönet, who lost his life in an accident caused by a drunk driver on the Kyrenia– Tatlısu highway, made an impassioned plea to the authorities to put an end to the continuous number of traffic accidents.

Gönül Sağır, recalling that she had raised his son to be a conscientious person, emphasised the bitter situation caused by the lack of deterrence and inadequacy of traffic fines, saying that, “I did not raise my child thinking that killers should roam freely due to the lack of deterrence of traffic fines. No family raises their child for this purpose“.

Calling on civil society organisations and concerned individuals in Cyprus to take action, Sağır said, “I am here to be the voice of young people who died in traffic accidents“.

Sağır also appealed to the authorities, emphasising the need for increased inspections and legal regulations.

Addressing civil society organisations and the people of the TRNC (Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus), Sağır said, “Today, I wanted to be a spark here. We need to stand up for legislative changes. I expect support from all of you. I lit a spark today; let us be a torch and heal this bleeding wound“.

Highlighting that she is speaking out against the increasing number of traffic accidents, especially those resulting from drunk driving, Sağır said, “While civil society organisations and sensitive individuals in Cyprus should stand up and react to this situation, why are they silent? Why aren’t they speaking out against this bleeding wound in society? Remember, those who think ‘let the snake that does not bite live for a thousand years’ will one day be bitten by that ‘traffic monster snake’“.

Sağır addressed the authorities, stating that there needs to be an increase in inspections and changes regarding the rental or acquisition of driving licences by foreigners. She said, “How many more people need to die for the existing laws to be changed?

I did not raise my child thinking that killers should roam freely due to the lack of deterrence of traffic fines. No family raises their child for this purpose. I ask everyone, how many people have died in traffic accidents in the last week, will you still remain silent? The penalty in the law for causing death due to accidents in traffic is seven years, and the actual time served is 2-3 years. Is the price of a life only seven years? Why are those causing death released on bail? Do you know what the families of the deceased feel? They are dying every day, people like me who have lost their children are dying every day. Those who cause death by drinking alcohol for pleasure should be tried for murder, in my opinion, this is murder”.

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