Motorcyclist Killed on Tatlısu-Kyrenia Main Road

North Cyprus News - Motorcyclist Killed on Tatlisu Kyrenia main road A fatal road accident occurred on the Tatlısu-Kyrenia main road at 00:20 in Esentepe, at the junction of the Küçükerenköy village road, BRT reported.

According to the Police Press Officer, a car being driven by Christopher Browning (60) failed to stop at the Küçükerenköy village exit junction. When Mr Browning entered the main road, a motorcyclist named as Bülent Güzelkeskin (58) who was heading east on the main road, struck Mr Browning’s car.

Mr Güzelkeskin died at the scene of the accident.

Christopher Browning, the driver of the saloon car was arrested. The police investigation into the accident continues.


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