MP accuses Eroglu of inaction over Cyprus talks

Turkish Cypriot MP Asim Akansoy has accused President Eroglu of doing nothing to avert the stalemate in the Cyprus negotiations, ‘Halkin Sesi’ reports.

The Republican Turkish Party-United Forces (CTP-BG), party member, speaking to the Turkish Cypriot newspaper, said that “Eroglu did nothing to prevent the crisis reaching this point”.

Akansoy said that President Eroglu should establish an effective dialogue between Turkey and the Greek Cypriot side with regard to the hydrocarbon issue. “Eroglu did nothing to prevent the crisis. I consider that Eroglu follows a policy which nourishes the crisis. The existing crisis is nourished by Eroglu’s separatist policy and the different alternatives he has.”

Referring to the Cyprus problem, Akansoy said that even though he does not agree with the Greek Cypriot policy of continuing its unilateral oil exploration activities, he opposes the statement issued by the foreign ministry which said that that “we will not remain unresponsive to the continuation of the unilateral possessions of the Greek Cypriot side”.

Akansoy pointed out that Turkey’s decision to send the ‘Barbaros Hayrettin Pasa’ vessel to the region again, was not a means of achieving peace.

He said that the right way to solve the problem, could be to bring the issue to the agenda at the negotiating table, to establish a committee that could meet the rightful expectations of the Turkish Cypriots and this committee to be under the umbrella of the UN.

Akansoy reiterated once again that the CTP party cannot continue with its current structure and added that at the moment they will have to put aside the internal problems that exist in the party. He also added that after April and the presidential elections, there is much to be discussed.

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