MP Asks EU to Lift Sports Embargoes on TRNC

Republican Turkish Party (CTP) representative Mehmet Cagal, and Erdal Ozcenk, member of the National Unity Party (UBP), participated in meetings of the Council of Europe’s Parliamentary Assembly.

Caglar reminded that Turkish is one of the three official languages of the Republic of Cyprus and noted that it is not considered to be one of the European Union’s official languages because the Greek Cypriots, who had been accepted into the EU unfairly and unilaterally in 2004, have not confirmed this.

According to a statement issued by the TRNC Assembly, Caglar said that with this practice, the Turkish Cypriots’ cultural existence and identity is ignored. This is very unfair and contrary to the law and should be corrected, he said.

He also referred also to the “restrictions and unjust treatment”, which the Turkish Cypriot football federation faces and brought onto the agenda the isolation and the various injustices imposed on the TRNC for political reasons. Politics has no place in sports, Caglar said, adding that the Turkish Cypriot youth, who “are not responsible for the current situation”, can watch an international sports event in Cyprus only from the grandstands. These kinds of political restrictions should end, he said.

Meanwhile, Danish Deputy Mogens Jensen, member of the Socialist Group, argued that the participation of young Turkish Cypriots in such sports activities should be secured and that an international effort should be exerted to this end.

Anne Brausseur, Deputy from Luxembourg, replied to Caglar and said that they will discuss the issue of political restrictions, which the Turkish Cypriot youth face, with the president of UEFA.


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