MP contests sports protocol signed with Turkey

Deputy for the Social Democracy Party, (TDP) Zeki Celer has condemned a protocol of co-operation signed by the TRNC and Turkey on the issue of youth and sports.

The protocol signed in March 2014, envisages the opening of an office in the TRNC to co-ordinate activities regarding sports and youth.

Celer speaking at the TRNC Assembly said that this was unacceptable and contrary to the law and international agreements.

He complained that this action would transfer the responsibility for sporting and cultural activities in the TRNC to Turkey. He added that this was a dangerous move and ask, “To whom do we entrust the youth of this country?”

Celer stated that the Turkish Cypriots should not be assimilated by any power. He also called this agreement unacceptable and said that they would do all that was necessary in order to prevent its implementation, since as he stated, the Council of Ministers had approved the agreement, bypassing the Assembly.

Source Vatan

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