MP Queries The Way Prescription Fraud Was Handled

North Cyprus News - Dr Sila Incirli
[Dr. Sıla Usar İncirli (CTP) – File Photo]
Monday, 20 November 2023

 “The arrest of many people, including senior figures in their profession, and the traumas they experienced deeply shook society“, Republican Turkish Party (CTP) MP Sıla Usar İncirli, referring to the prescription fraud case, said, Kibris Postasi reports.

In her post on social media she said the following: “The investigation into prescription corruption is off track.

The arrest of many people including breastfeeding mothers, pregnant women and seniors in their profession whose life is nearly a century, the traumas they experienced deeply shook society.

“The accounts of the arrested have been taken care of, pharmacies have become unable to function, they are going bankrupt. How will these businesses survive? Freedom to travel is also restricted as their identity cards are confiscated. Medication warehouses are in deep trouble. The pharmaceutical market has turned upside down. Moreover, it is not clear how long all this will take, there are even concerns that it will take a very long time”.

Was this process managed correctly? Did social insurance inspectors perform their duties in a timely manner? Did the police show the necessary care/attention in such a sensitive matter? Will this continue like this in the future?

“Certainly, the confidentiality of the investigation is crucial, but in a matter that concerns and disturbs the public to this extent, the Police General Directorate behaving sensitively and transparently, informing the public as accurately as possible, will contribute to a much healthier process. Additionally, it is essential that the measures taken on the accounts are arranged in a way that does not put businesses in a difficult situation. The process must be carried out without dragging the pharmaceutical market into bankruptcy, treating people and families with dignity befitting humanity. Otherwise, it would be coercion”.

In a report just published by Kibris Postasi it was stated that medicines will not be dispensed for three days while stock is counted.

Prescriptions Cannot be Dispensed For Three Days

A written statement made by the Ministry of Health said: “Due to the stock counts and updates planned to be held in the General Pharmacy Warehouse for the Department of Medicine and Pharmacy, prescription transactions will not be made on 22-23-24 November. We would like to inform you that your prescription medication can be supplied before or after the relevant dates, and we wish you healthy days”.

Kibris Postasi

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