Murderer pleads mitigating factors

A man who has already confessed to the murder of his employer, motel owner Abdussamed Durmus, has pleaded mitigating factors at Kyrenia court.

Volcan Pirinc, a long-time employee of Durmus, along with two accomplices stabbed the owner of the Elizel motel to death last March, during an attempt to get the keys to the motel safe, which held TL 150,000.

Pirinc’s lawyer, made a plea for a reduced sentence, saying that one of the defendants was owed TL 48,000 by Mr Durmus and also needed money for a family wedding. Pirinc, it is claimed was fuelled with alcohol and had “listened to the devil for one moment”.

According to his lawyer, all his clients are deeply sorry and regret the crime they committed.

Two of the defendants were found hiding in a boat by police. After initially lying about their involvement, they confessed to their crimes.

Sentencing begins on the May 8th.

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