Nadir wants to complete jail time in Turkey

Asil Nadir who has just started a 10 year prison sentence for fraud wants to serve his jail time in Turkey.

His family have stated that his lawyers have formally applied that he be deported to Turkey and serve his sentence there. It is not known how the UK authorities will look upon this unusual request.

Mr Nadir owns the Kibris newspaper in the TRNC and there have been dramatic events there recently. He had hired Suleiman Erguclu to oversee the newspaper and also be responsible for launching a newspaper in England. However, Nadir’s wife, Nur Nadir, arrived at the Kibris building and demanded that Mr Erguclu vacate his office. When he refused to do so, she broke into his office and threw out his personal possessions.

Staff at the newspaper are reported to be confused by this recent drama, with no explanations forthcoming.

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