Nami meets UK Parliament’s Friends of the TRNC group

Foreign Minister Özdil Nami met with a delegation from the TRNC Friendship Group of the British Parliament who were visiting the North for Independence Day, Bayrak TV reports.

Speaking during the meeting, Baroness Meral Huseyin Ece who headed the delegation said that they have come to the TRNC, in order to learn about the latest developments and to help the Turkish Cypriots on the issues of justice, equality and human rights when the delegation returns to the UK.

Ece also reiterated that they are always ready to help and support the Turkish Cypriots

Nami on his part, thanked the delegation for their visit to the TRNC and pointed to the important mission fulfilled by the UK Parliament’s TRNC Friendship Group for the Turkish Cypriots. Nami said: “Your being the voice of the Turkish Cypriot’s just cause is of vital importance to us”.

Indicating that their diplomatic work has become more effective with the support of their friends, Nami thanked the members of the delegation for their support and added that their cooperation will continue in the future.

The delegation of UK Parliament’s TRNC Friendship Group is composed of Baroness Ece, Lord Harrison, Lord Kilclooney and Lady Doris Butterworth.

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