Nami to Visit Turkey to Discuss Electricity Project

Ozdil Nami, Minister of Economy and Energy in North Cyprus, has said that electricity production costs in the TRNC are high and that the system transfers this cost to the consumer.

North Cyprus News - Kib-Tek Power PlantNami told Kibris TV, that something “radical” needs to be done in order to bring down the cost of electricity. He  added that even if they transfer electricity from Turkey via under-sea cables, North Cyprus should produce around 30% of the electricity it consumes. “We should be connected to a larger system in order to pave the way for solar energy,” said Nami.

Noting that the cost of bringing electricity from Turkey to North Cyprus is estimated around at 450 – 500 million dollars, Nami said that great importance is attached to their ambitions to use solar energy. He stated that the first things he attended to when he came on duty were the issues of solar energy and transferring electricity with cables from Turkey.

We asked why the project with the cables has not been materialised yet”, he said and added:

North Cyprus News - Undersea electric cable“We looked at the agreements which had been made, the protocol approved by the assembly etc. We saw that there were some elements missing. However, what was the climate created? ‘Everything is ok, if we press a button, the cables can come tomorrow’. We saw that things were not like this. What exactly will the cost be? Who will manage distribution? These have not been outlined. Which company will be the contractor? What will the technology be? Will it be AC or DC electricity? Will it be 400 MW or 800 MW? There is no decision on any [of these] points. […]

“We immediately contacted Turkey. I said that drawing lessons from the past and our experience regarding the water [from Turkey], we should put all these elements in a written text and […] and turn it into an agreement between the two states. We saw understanding. They immediately said let us do whatever is necessary, but then they entered into elections. When we came to power, I put everything we had discussed in writing and we wrote to them. Now a new government [in Turkey] has been established. In any case, during Mr Erdogan’s visit to Nicosia, our esteemed prime minister raised the issue as first priority. At the end of this meeting, the result was that I should go to Ankara the soonest and bring the issue forward”.

Yeni Duzen

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