National airline still on the cards

Minister of Public Works and Communication, Ahmet Kasif says that, “Our aim is a national carrier”, according to a Turkish Cypriot daily ‘Star Kibris’ report. Kasif added that, “it is important a country’s flag flies in the sky”.

Speaking on a BRT news programme yesterday morning, Kasif said: “To have a national carrier is important from the point of view to stabilise the ticket price and to fly the flag in the skies. This is our target. Studies are being currently carried out towards this.”

Responding to a question regarding the former Cyprus Turkish airlines, Kasif said that founding a national carrier is a condition, adding that this could be accomplished with forming a company with a foreign partnership.

Moreover, Kasif said that the contract signed for the privatisation and development of Ercan needs to be re-examined and reviewed legally. He added that if there was any violation of the conditions set forth by the contract then all legal action will be taken to correct the situation.

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